Thursday, June 7, 2012

Glacier Lodge, Big Pine, California

I tried to improve the look of this postcard, but the fact that the card is of low quality and my Photoshop skills are suspect, this is as good as it gets! Glacier Lodge is located in California's Sierra Nevada Mountains above Big Pine. The original lodge (1930's) you see in the picture is gone but "Glacier Lodge. the jewel of the Sierras" is still in business.

The "handwriting" on this card is part of the card itself. Perry did not personally write the message, but my grandfather Lewis Perry Ferguson did leave me this postcard!...and my middle name!. Sadly I never did get to see Glacier Lodge in person.


EAT-DRINK-SMOKE-REST...Rinse and Repeat??

Back of card reads:
"A clean inviting camp located on U.S. 20 - 2 miles east of Fremont, Ohio. 15 attractive cottages with hot and cold soft water, community kitchen, play ground and plenty of camping space" - Geo J. Hilt, Prop.

Couldn't find out much about the camp, but did turn up a little history on George John Hilt, courtesy of

"George attended country grade school and then went into the livery and dray business in FremontOhio. He pioneered the motel business, expanding his cabins along Route 6 from three to approximately eighteen, which were maintained along with a restaurant and gas station until shortly before his death. This was the Fremont Tourist Camp and is said to have been the first motel between Cleveland and Detroit."