Friday, January 25, 2013

Weighing a Baby Orang - New York Zoological Park

This organization is more commonly referred to as the Bronx Zoo which opened in 1899. They published a great many postcards of zoo animals through a variety of printers. The Rotogravure Company printed a fine collotype card set for them in black & white and with color tints though their name does not appear on these cards. The Detroit Publishing Company also produced sets for them. 

Kenneth Wright - Commercial Art

Another advertising RPPC from the 1950's. Although I am usually successful in googling people and places for additional information, I was not able to find this Kenneth Wright. I love how the drawing looks so much better than the real one!

The General Chef

Ran across another advertising RPPC. Costing around $259.00 in 1951 this little space-saver may be the strangest "major" kitchen appliance I've ever seen.  Found one online today for $250!