Friday, January 3, 2014

The Flying Squadron, Springfield, Massachusetts

In 1906, Springfield received the first fire apparatus built by the Knox Automobile Company that was located in Springfield. By 1909, the department had 5 Knox units in operation. The photograph that was used for this postcard shows 2 chemical and hose cars operated by Squads A and B and 2 cars used by the chief and his assistant. I found this information in the book “Images of America: Springfield Firefighting” by Bert D. Johanson and Nancy B. Johanson; Assisted by Fred Rodriguez.

The first modern and “state-of-the-art” fire engine was built in 1906 by Knox Automobile Company in Springfield, Massachusetts who later became famous for its fire trucks.

This card was printed in Germany and published by the Springfield News Company circa 1909 under the name "Poly Chrome". Their style has been described as "colors so bright and so flat that they almost resemble screen-prints."