Thursday, June 7, 2012

Glacier Lodge, Big Pine, California

I tried to improve the look of this postcard, but the fact that the card is of low quality and my Photoshop skills are suspect, this is as good as it gets! Glacier Lodge is located in California's Sierra Nevada Mountains above Big Pine. The original lodge (1930's) you see in the picture is gone but "Glacier Lodge. the jewel of the Sierras" is still in business.

The "handwriting" on this card is part of the card itself. Perry did not personally write the message, but my grandfather Lewis Perry Ferguson did leave me this postcard!...and my middle name!. Sadly I never did get to see Glacier Lodge in person.


  1. How neat to have a postcard with a family connection like that. I'm not aware of any postcards in my possession that have a family link, but I have boxes of things that haven't been gone-through in a long time....maybe some will turn up!

  2. Mark sent me over here to check out your fabulous blog. It's always fun to discover another postcard blog. I'll bookmark it so I can come back to look at earlier posts.