Thursday, July 19, 2012

The New Hotel Mayflower

First and foremost, I love the "Mayflower" ship hovering around it's namesake hotel! Probably has trouble finding a parking space though! As usual, I like to look for some background info on postcards. While I did find out that the Mayflower was originally the Mason and that the hotel was demolished in 1978 (all together now: Awwww), I couldn't find much else, but I did find this obituary:

“Irene Ann Byram, 99, passed away January 16th, 2012. Irene, known as Nonie by her close family and friends, was born on May 22, 1912 in Detroit MI. Irene moved to Jacksonville with her husband and children in 1935 from Wauchula Fl. She was employed by the Mayflower hotel for over 30 years. In 1944 she was sworn in as the first female bartender in the state of Florida by Governor Spessard Holland”


  1. The floating Mayflower is pretty hilarious! I haven't seen such... ahem... creative license as this during the linen era!

  2. That's a great one! As soon as your site came up that card made me think my eyes were playing tricks on me. You'd think they would have made the ship look more like a graphic overlay of some sort instead of a floating ghost ship!

  3. The floating Mayflower is indeed hilarious. I love the bartender story too.