Sunday, November 10, 2013

Camp Strongheart - Lake Tomahawk, Wisconsin

Postmarked July 1942,  Lake Tomahawk, Wisconsin.

Couldn't find out much about Camp Strongheart except that they were a boys camp featured in Life Magazine in 1956...and that they owned a nice 1940 Ford Woody!


  1. Hi Steve,

    My husband's family started Camp Strongheart for Boys in 1924. You can just barely see his grandfather in the driver's seat in the photo. Sanford Herzog was into anything that had a motor - he raced boats with Louis Chevrolet, he drove one of the first Eliason snowmobiles in Wisconsin, he owned many beautiful Chris Crafts etc. Oh, if we had it all now, eh? A few years ago I found a site devoted to the restoring of one of the camp's Voyager canoes……maybe we'll find that Ford Woody someday.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. That's so great to have that kind of family history!..."If we all had it now..." How many times I've thought that after my mother telling her family's pre-depression stories. Your comments have made my day! - Thanks! If you'd like a high-definition scan of the postcard let me know and I can email it to you!

  3. Steve,

    Oh, these folks had a wonderfully varied and fascinating history and investigating leads online has become a great way to learn about local history, as well. The photos are a bonus. Yes, as the unofficial family archivist, I'd love a hi-def copy.

    Thanks again, Dorr

    1. Rather than post your email address for the world to see, here is mine. I'll send you a copy of the postcard ASAP!